These individuals enjoy the finer things in life and a world of classic living.

Their degree education has ensured that they are in, or have been in, successful jobs, and now can enjoy the trappings of success. They tend to have children who are in their teens or even older, and enjoy a happy and fulfilling life in the main family property that they own. They are culturally developed from the experiences they have had, not least from their frequent holidays, and are in a position to purchase premium priced organic or health foods on a regular basis.

The family homes in which they enjoy this classic living tend to be outside key UK cities, and therefore Ocean sites located along key arterials into and through these cities provide a natural and impactful targeting opportunity for brands.

Key Personicx Groups

Organic & Urban / Gourmet Travellers

Recommended sites for reaching this audience

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Silver Screen, M4
London / Digital

The Screen @ New Street
Birmingham / Digital

The Two Towers East
London / Digital

The Two Towers West
London / Digital

Tower 400, A40
London / Landmark