A combination of intelligence and hard work creates a group of individuals defined as reaching Comfortable Success.

These individuals make rational and long term decisions for the future, based on their past successes. Their mid income/ middle management jobs have allowed the sensible purchase of semi-detached and detached properties in the suburbs and a more local lifestyle to be enjoyed, but saving schemes and remortgaging have allowed the fine-tuning of the home for full enjoyment of the garden and a large internal space for living a comfortable life. In addition they have a disposable income which is used for eating out, shopping and socialising.

These individuals tend to be found in and around some of the UK’s key regional cities, including Manchester, Birmingham and Liverpool. With easy access into the cities along key arterials from their surburban homes, Ocean sites provide a key targeting opportunity.

Key Personicx Groups

Metropolitan Semis / Semi-Detached Success / Gardeners World

Recommended sites for reaching this audience

Filter sites by city: Birmingham / Liverpool / Manchester

DBW, Trinity Way
Manchester / Banner

Liverpool Media Wall
Liverpool / Digital

M5, The Arch
Birmingham / Landmark

The Screen @ New Street
Birmingham / Digital