These individuals carry a more experienced stance on urban trends, whilst in keeping with the styles of Influential Youths.

They stand as educated opinion formers on a range of topics partly through their love of reading books, newspapers and magazines. They enjoy urban living, sometimes in the suburbs, and pay a premium for convenience in their lifestyles. They will be seen socialising in vibrant urban locations, whilst still maintaining a premium level of enjoyment in gourmet foods and wines. They are active and enjoy exercise and sport, such as cricket, sailing and skiing.

Inner city locations, key hubs across the Capital and premium retail locations will all deliver Educated Urbanites, as well as some of the more iconic Gateway locations in London which target them when they enter the city from their more suburban living locations.

Key Personicx Groups

Urban Travellers / Healthy Urbanites / Healthy, Wealthy & Wise

Recommended sites for reaching this audience

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The Screen @ New Street
Birmingham / Digital