As a private landlord, Ocean can work with you to ensure
that your property assets are providing the maximum return.

Whether an existing building or an under-utilised plot of land, Ocean can work with you to identify and ensure your assets work harder.

Case Study
David Bentley Works

A former derelict mill house, the property was awaiting redevelopment. Due to difficult economic conditions the project was put on hold indefinitely. The running costs and upkeep were substantial, however after being identified as a potential advertising location, a lucrative solution was determined.

Working with Ocean to temporarily change the face of David Bentley Works has created a lifeline for the site’s future development project. The quality of the banner construction has revived the site in its present state, and the extensive revenue generated from sales of the space to global brands has given the project the necessary leeway to survive. Working with Ocean has proven to be a beneficial and enlightening experience.”

L. Holland, Landlord, David Bentley Works

After a careful consultation and survey, planning was secured for the use of the building as an iconic banner advertising display. Measuring almost 300m2, the site has become one of Manchester’s most sought after Outdoor media locations, securing the owner a much needed revenue stream.

David Bentley Works, Manchester