First Prize: Toyota

Entry name
"Yaris Hybrid"

Glue Isobar

Glue Isobar set out to demonstrate the appeal of the supermini Yaris Hybrid by creating an installation which was simple, fun and energy efficient. By partnering with PaveGen, a company which harvests energy from footsteps, the campaign deploys PaveGen’s floor tiles to demonstrate the power of renewable energy. Using Ocean’s Eat Street location to showcase Toyota’s newest hybrid car, shoppers walking past the screen and over the tiles are helping to create some of the energy to power the screen. Each time a level of energy is recycled, a Yaris Hybrid is "released” to give one lucky shopper a free ride home. To qualify for a lift, all they need to do is check in with their friends to the Yaris Facebook page.

The judges praised the entry as “a pure idea, visually presented. We have seen a new way to do interaction. Walking on something is quite unique and the use of the energy recycling tiles drives home what is a really big and clever idea”.

Second Prize: Compassion in World Farming


Entry name
“The World’s First Real Live Feed”


This campaign invites the public to show their support for free range farming and better welfare standards by linking them live to a free range pig farm via Ocean’s Eat Street screen at Westfield. The public is invited to feed the pigs by texting a number for £1. They are then sent a unique URL link which connects them to an online broadcast and an accelerometer to operate a machine that scatters feed for the pigs. Once fed, a personalised message of thanks appears on the billboard, together with a phone prompt asking them to make a monthly donation to Compassion in World Farming.

The judges praised the idea of the live feed angle and the clever use of technology which would “really catch fire from a PR perspective and successfully extend the reach and appeal of the campaign.”

Third Prize: Heineken


Entry name
“UEFA Champions’ League Final 2013 Get Behind the Team”


As part of Heineken’s biggest activation of 2013, fans are invited to take their “rightful place” in the team line up as part of the world’s largest ever team photo. In return for uploading their photo via selected outdoor screens or social networks, fans can become part of the official team photo for the final and have their own official team photo-card sticker. Fans’ stickers are broadcast on rotation across London sites ahead of the champions’ league final and delivered back to each person for sharing. The final team photos are displayed in Wembley Way on final night and every sticker is reproduced digitally at Ocean’s Eat Street site where selected fans win a chance to go to the game. Show your printed sticker at a bar if you don’t get to the game and every fan wins a free pint of Heineken.

The judges praised the scalability of the campaign saying it “shows how digital outdoor works within a global campaign for a global brand. The idea that fans are part of the team is an absolute truth and we can see this going absolutely bananas.”

Highly Commended: Warner Bros.


Entry name
“The Dark Knight Rises, Be Part of the Legend”

Grand Visual

This campaign invites Batman fans to Be Part of the Legend by creating a personalised and social experience which is designed to reinforce the DVD release date and drive pre-orders. Each digital location is deployed to its best effect, using multiple artwork, subtle motion, broken poster projections on the Two Towers and anamorphic floor graphics to recreate Gotham city across London. An Eat Street installation uses cameras to capture people’s photos and use them within personalised posters augmented with their favourite characters which will feature on outdoor screens and in online galleries.

The judges said “this is so Batman. The projection aspects using the Two Towers in particular are fantastic. This is a visually stunning campaign which makes it feel as if you really are in Gotham.”

Runner Up: Domino’s Pizza

"Top That" / Agency: Big Communications

Runner Up: Lowcost Holidays

"Wish you were there?" / Agency: Branded (MPG Media Contacts)

Runner Up: Sky – Now TV

"Roundabout Recommender" / Agency: Elvis