Creating the Art of Digital Outdoor

The potential for exciting and dynamic DOOH growth is endless. Ocean has developed a network of digital platforms to enable advertisers to explore many facets within the DOOH sector, and create impactful and engaging campaigns.

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DOOH Techniques Inspiration

Here's some great examples of clients using subtle and full-motion creative as well as tactical campaigns to make the most of the Digital OOH medium.

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Interactive and Experiential Inspiration

Digital OOH can bring new and exciting experiences to consumers - here's some examples of how using Ocean's portfolio of state of the art screens.

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Your Concept

Your concept will consist of a written description and a visualization. Whether you are using simple images, powerpoint storyboard, a physical piece of collateral or a video – the key is making your concept clear to understand.

This video shows a montage of some of last year's entries.

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Creative Tips

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The answer to your creative brief may not come from your traditional creative routes

DOOH allows for new media channels to merge with old media, currently nobody owns the answer; challenge all the agencies on your roster.


Develop specific creative for DOOH

Currently the OOH industry estimates that only 30-35% of copy provided by clients utilises the capabilities of digital media. Adopt the medium and create stand out for your brand.


Use movement

The smallest amount of movement will help to create the “moth effect”. All metrics point to movement increasing impacts and length of viewing. Depending on the environment, movement can range from subtle motion (the frame changes every 2.5 seconds) to cinema style full motion.


Day part

Allows a cost effective route into the medium. Day part planning helps to reduce audience wastage by delivering a time sensitive message or creative execution. Brands have targeted drive time, non drive time, school runs, specific day of week or count-down to events.


Consider “live” copy

It will drive relevance. Use digital to respond to events.


Create dynamic content

Develop multiple creative to respond to predetermined events such as the weather, flight availability, speed of traffic. The relevance of the creative can increase awareness and effectiveness.


DOOH has synergy with online and social networking

With 45% of adults now accessing social media OOH(Kinetic People,2010), DOOH is well placed to enable this interaction. Almost half of Facebook’s impacts are generated OOH.


Transfer of values

DOOH is recognised by the consumer to be new, innovative and leading edge. This creates a symbiotic relationship with the brand.



A digital site should ideally engage with the audience. Consider the environment, there has been significant investment on roadside, shopping malls, underground and train stations. To maximize the effect, consider each environment. (Posterscope, Prism)


Just because you can does not mean
you always should

Digital OOH has a specific job to achieve on an OOH plan, identify that objective. It will not act as a replacement for the coverage and frequency of a traditional campaign but will undoubtedly provide amplification and new perspective on the most impactful broadcast medium. The most effective use of any medium is to embrace both digital and traditional formats – OOH is no different.